CliqueAssignments.com was established in the year 2011 and was among the pioneers of online academic and educational services across the globe. The company was founded by a group of fresh graduates representing highly prestigious universities of the country. The company still maintains its true spirit of being affordable and quality-oriented. We started off in response to the financial crisis and great recession that put significant pressure on the students to handle or more jobs along with their educational responsibilities. Realizing this difficulty and the inability of many middle-class students to maintain good grades. We provided students from many remote locations with the ability to complete their academic projects and assignments not only on time, but also at an affordable price. Optimum quality was the cornerstone of our company’s services. Over the years, we have helped thousands of students maintain a proper balance between their work and education, while also maintaining a proper work-life balance.

Our Vision

We envision to become one of the most trusted and affordable online academic service providers across the globe.

Our Mission

CliqueAssignments.com operates on the central mission of enabling students achieve better grades and academic excellence to help them build a progressive career ahead in their life.

Core Values

The company operates in strict adherence to the following core values;

  • Dependability: We are dependable during the time of need governed by financial and time limitations. As such, you can count on cliqueassignments.com freelancers to fulfill any emergency projects under a tight budget.
  • Loyalty: As a service provider, our company is utterly loyal to our customers. Here, the company refers to the owners, management, administration, support team, editors and proofreaders and of course, the freelance writing experts. By being loyal, we mean that your products and services will be highly personalized as per your preferences right from the get-go.
  • Commitment: Our team is committed to providing superior quality services to the customer without any intention to achieve personal financial gains. We have the commitment to do well for the whole by ensuring that none of our products or services offend or disregard cultural, moral, ethical or other grounds of people. We are also committed to making academic consultation and help services affordable and accessible to the less-fortunate communities. By doing so, we are on the mission to curtain inequality by as much degree possible.
  • Integrity: Integrity is at the heart of our company’s core values. We promise all our clients complete integrity in the following manner;
    • Academic Integrity: The promise that every single product provided to the customer will be unique, original and plagiarism free. This promise comes with the guarantee that all the authoritative sources will be acknowledged and not tampered.
    • Personal Integrity: We guarantee that all our team members will remain true to the central vision and mission, and trustworthy. We will not – under any circumstance – reveal, disclose, share or breach any personal information about the customers with third parties. Keeping your details confidential and private is priority at cliqueassignments.com
    • Creativity: We encourages both, its team members and the customers to be creative in all respects. For team members, we allow them to perform, complete and deliver their diverse academic tasks in the most creative manner possible. This adds to their ability of making unique end-products for their clients. For customers, we encourage their participation and feedback that advises the implementation of creative methodologies, tools and techniques throughout the various segments of our operations.

We’ve Got your Back

While you may have come across many fellow students, peers and friends who successfully manage their work, academics and personal affairs, you may not be of knowledge that many of them seek academic help one way or another. However, those days are gone when you had to request your classmates and pay a handsome amount to have them help you. Just as xyzcompany.com is helping thousands of other students like you, you can also secure our affordable services and achieved a balanced life. Our company is established to assist you in handling all the hard work or at least some of it.

We also believe that youth is an individual’s most prized possession that does not remain forever. Having gone through a young age ourselves, we the founders of cliqueassignments.com understand that you do not have to go through similar work-life pressure merely because of a hard-to-meet deadline for an assignment. This is why most of our first-time customers – who do not intend to become regular ones – actually turn out to be returning customers for an extended period of time. They trust us with our services and also get to enjoy all the youthful perks.

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